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Ekocamp International
International Summer Camp in Canada

Health and Safety
All staff members are trained in First Aid, and safety procedures are reviewed throughout the summer. Campers are always reminded of safety rules in order that they may enjoy the camp in a safe manner.
The camp has an infirmary and a doctor is available at the nearby town of St Jovite (3 Kms. / 2 miles). A fully-equipped regional hospital is only 20 minutes away.
Water activities
  • The swimming area is defined by a floating quay and all swimming activities take place under the supervision of a qualified lifeguard.
  • Wearing life-saving jackets is mandatory during all water activities.
  • During visits to the water park, each slide is under the supervision of a qualified lifeguard and children taking part in this activity are accompanied by counselors from the camp.

Boys and girls
The camp has two pavilions. One is reserved for younger campers (10 to 12 years old) the other one for the 13 to 16 age group. Each building is a two stories building. One floor is reserved for boys , the other one for girls. A night watch ensures separation between boys' and girls' quarters.

Visits to Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City
A maximum of 13 campers are able to participate in the visits to Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa. They are accompanied by two counselors. Rooms are reserved according to gender.

Ekocamp is regularly inspected and maintains the high standards required by the Quebec Ministry of Health and the Quebec Camping Association.